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We have either used all of the curriculum on our website or it has been recommended to us. Please feel free to peruse and potentially purchase our recommended curriculum.

Full Curriculum

Using a full homeschooling curriculum is the simplest way to get started.  Most full curriculum provide you with lesson plans as well as most of the major subjects.  You will typically need to add a Math curriculum as well as English/Spelling.  The curriculum below have been reviewed and recommended by us or by numerous homeschooling friends and acquaintances.  These are some of the best and brightest full curriculum in the homeschool world.  Please look over them and discover their benefits for yourself.  For more information about each one, please click on the links below.

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Classical Composers Monthly

Classical Composers MonthlyMany homeschooling parents want to introduce their children to the art and beauty of classical music, but lack the funds or time to use most of the materials on the market.

Now your family can enjoy learning about classical music each month with no hassle and no planning required!

Each month you’ll get a themed collection of resources about a classical music composer that you can use with your children, including:

-educational resources such as ebooks, activities, or lessons plans

-beautiful videos related to the composer of the month–their music, the instruments, the art and culture of the time, and more

-a playlist that you can click to enjoy right from your computer. Simple and easy!

-as well as other fun and interesting resources related to the composer, instruments, and time period

All resources are carefully screened to be family-friendly, high quality, and valuable for homeschool families!


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Faith & Biblical Worldview

Biblical WorldviewThe term creationism is often used in a derogatory sense to suggest the inferiority of a religious viewpoint (as opposed to a claimed scientific viewpoint exclusive to evolution), but this use is deceptive. The belief in creation is not an auxiliary belief attached to the Bible; instead, creation is the logical conclusion of a clear reading and understanding of Genesis in its intended form—that is, as a historical narrative. This historical narrative, which was given to humanity by the infallible Creator, is the basis and foundation upon which a biblical worldview is based.  There is no subject of greater importance than this subject.  The worldview that your children grow up will determine what type of adults they will be.  We encourage you to peruse the resources in this section and prayerfully consider what curriculum will best prepare your children to live with the proper perspective in life.


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